Digital Marketing Baristas

First, we drink the coffee. Then we do the things. 

Identify Your Customers
Prepare For Your Customers
Bring Your Customers

Discover Your Ideal Customer

Not all customers are profitable or worth spending money to target. We start by identifying the personas of your ideal customer. That is key to starting any project and helps drive every spending decision.

Craft Your Sales Funnel

Knowing your ideal customer is half the equation. Making sure you’re ready to close the deal is the next step. We create step-by-step paths for leads, with calls to action and opportunities along the way.

Find Your Clients Using Facebook

If you want to bring targeted leads to your site, then no other service is better. The combination of demographics, sociographics, purchase history and interests available is pure marketing power and we understand it.

What Makes Good Content

Good content, in a nutshell, serves a purpose for the consumer. It answers a question or gives them information or clarifies something for them. It's that simple - and it's that complex. When we speak of content, we're talking about a couple of outlets. First, there's...

Why WordPress?

WordPress is our website content management system of choice for many reasons. When WordPress started as a blogging cloud application in 2003 and has grown exponentially in use since then. Since it's core application is stable, open source and continually being...


Podcasting used to be a mysterious and complex thing reserved for former radio dudes with quick wit and something to say. Now, with the upgrade in technology available anyone can successfully podcast. Revien Group produces podcasts for our clients handling as much or...

Magazine Publishing 101

We adore magazine publishing. From choosing a layout to the final product, we're obsessed. We start each month with an editorial meeting, and look at the calendar we've previously created. Our editor-in-chief then makes the assignments for writing and graphics. It's...



Chelle Honiker is our founder and Chief Barista, with over two decades of marketing, business, freelancing and technical expertise. She manages the day-to-day operations as a geek-in-heels. Her expertise is sales funnels and Facebook Ads. Chelle is also Executive Director of the Texas Freelance Association, a nonprofit dedicated to the growth and success of independent business professionals nationwide.

Chelle Honiker

Chief Barista & Project Manager, Revien Group

Jackie Dana is Revien Group’s resident word nerd and brilliant copywriter. Her headlines are sharp, her copy is succinct, and her calls to action are hypnotic. In her spare time she is an indie author with her second book about to be released. She also serves as the Content Manager for The Texas Freelance Association.

Jackie Dana

Chief Word Nerd & Kombucha Brewer, Watercolor Moon, LLC

Anything pretty you find on any of our websites, advertising or Facebook pages can be traced back to our resident artist, Leah Bartlett. As Chief Creative Officer, Leah makes logos look amazing, blog post images pop and all the Facebook Ads sizzle. Leah also serves as the Community Manager for the Texas Freelance Association, ensuring that the Expert Educators Program and all the social media channels thrive.

Leah Bartless

Chief Creative Officer, Designs by Leah


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